Welcome to Universal Spirit

Community and Corporate Meditation and Mindfulness, Reiki, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Tarot consultations, classes and workshops.

In our stressed out, fast paced world it is becoming more and more important for us to practice living mindfully. This means to live with awareness of the present moment. From this skill, we can learn to make better and wiser choices, improve concentration and generally learn to go with the flow life...

It is the aim of Universal Spirit to provide modalities for health and healing as well as personal and spiritual development. The mind, body and spirit have their own innate abilities to heal when given the right tools and support. Each of the modalities are simple, effective and useful skills to learn or simply enjoy or both!

Grab a cuppa and have a wander through the site to learn more about what Universal Spirit can offer you.  You might "Like" to have a look at my Facebook Page "Pam Northcote - Universal Spirit and also join me on Pinterest. 

Please contact Pam on 0419 432 344 or me an email for more information, to make an appointment or book a workshop.

Begin or continue your journey to live mindfully with Universal Spirit by your side.