Australian Bush Flower Essences

Our work is steadfastly to adhere to the simplicity and purity of this method of healing. - Dr Edward Bach, 1936

Many of you will have heard of Bach Flower Remedy's, particularly the wonderfully effective Rescue Remedy. Back in the 1980's working in Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation, I used to often reach for the "rescue" for a distressed client or self-administer after dealing with stressful clients.

Flowers have been known for their healing properties for many thousands of years with healers and herbalists using the dew from flowers, making herbal poultices and concoctions since medieval times in UK and Europe, and further back to ancient Chinese and Egyptian times. Englishman, Edward Bach developed the Bach Flower Remedies in the 1930s.

Dr. Bach studied medicine in London and obtained a Diploma in Public Health at Cambridge. During his time in traditional medicine he was a house surgeon, a casualty medical officer and practised for over twenty years in London as a Harley Street consultant and bacteriologist. After research in immunology, he developed an interest in homeopathy. He became quite dissatisfied with the focus on the disease rather than the person. He believed that illness was about disharmony between the body and mind. Bach eventually left orthodox medicine and by 1932 discovered the first of his 38 plant remedies.

Of course, many of our medications in western medicine were originally made directly from plants - examples include the well known heart medication, Digoxin made from the Digitalis plant, morphine from Papever Somniferum, quinine from Cinchona Ledgeriana and widely used anti-cancer drugs, such as Taxol from the plan Taxus Brevifolia.

It is widely known and understood by medical practitioners including Dr Bach and complementary therapists that many of our medical conditions can have emotional components. Heart attacks have been linked to depression, ulcers to stress. Thereby it is important for those emotional issues to be addressed to assist healing and prevention.


Australian Bush Flower Essences have been used by Indigenous Australians for health and healing for a very long time, being one of the oldest cultures in our world. Ian White, founder of the company, Australian Bush Flower Essences is considered a modern pioneer of bush flower essences and has been instrumental in bringing these beautiful remedies to the world. Ian White is a scientist and naturopath and has a vast knowledge and understanding of the Australian bush and it's gifts.

Australian Bush Flower Essences work on the emotional level of a person helping to change negative belief patterns and bring harmony to negative feelings that are stored in the subconscious. In my work with the Essences, I liken them to "counselling in a bottle" - as they seem to work on the person through their dreams. Of course, counselling still has it's place as does traditional medicine. Bush Flower Essences are not a replacement for traditional medicines or therapies, they are considered complementary therapy.

The beauty of Australian Bush Flower Remedies is that the plant kingdom in Australia is in harmony with us living here in Australia. The essences are still extremely effective when used overseas as they are used all over the world. Like local honey has been reported to have a stronger effect on our immune system than imported honey, honey still has healing properties anyway.

69 Australian Bush Flower Essences

The remedies may be useful for working on issues with self-esteem, poor body image, sadness, grief, anger, learning or concentration difficulties, poor behaviour. They can be used on children, pets and the environment.

I had the cat from hell (a seething, angry, nasty cat who hissed at everyone and everything until I put her on Australian Bush Flower Essences and I have sometimes wondered whether I actually have an imposter, as such is so much nicer now, likes being in the family and even almost tolerates our other cat!)

Australian Bush Flower Essences have developed a beautiful skin care range called the Love System. This is like no other skin care, and comes with sprays, moisturisers and affirmations that you can mindfully vary according to your mood. An example of this may be that you are going to a stressful meeting today, so you decide to use Space Clearing Face and Body Mist to assist in clearing energy. Or feeling sexy? Spray a little Sensuality Mist . . . ! A wonderful way to mindfully begin and end your day.

I started using Australian Bush Flower Essences in my practice with the intent of giving clients remedies to support their Reiki healing. Within a short space of time, they took on a life of their own with many of my clients (not just Reiki clients) having consultations and individual remedies made up for them with delightful and quite often astonishing results. I have a number of clients that have them made up for their children, again with terrific outcomes. My own journey with the Australian Bush Flower Essences, and that of my own childrens has been quite magical.

Pam is a qualified teacher for Australian Bush Flower Essences and Love System consultant.