Corporate Meditation

Do you have a Wellness Program in your workplace? Have you addressed the mental, emotional and spiritual health of your staff? A Meditation in the Workplace program can be a wonderful addition or start to your wellness program.

Meditation is a simple, portable and powerful tool that can assist you to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Manage health
  • Lift energy levels during the day
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Become more focussed and creative with your work
  • Have better working relationships
  • Have a more harmonious working environment

What organisation wouldn't want that?

Benefits for your organisation can include:

  • Great staff satisfaction, therefore greater retention of staff
  • Less absenteeism through better health
  • Reduced workplace accidents through improved concentration
  • Increased productivity through increased energy levels
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to happier staff
  • The development of a more unique organisation through a more creative team
  • A more successful and sustainable business.

A program can be tailored to suit your organisation's needs:

  • 1-2 hour sessions for staff during team building meetings or as a one off education program
  • 6-8 week programs
  • Weekly sessions
  • Assisting with workplace health expos
  • Employee recognition program - thank your staff for a job well done.

Universal Spirit also offers a mobile meditation service for small businesses or groups of employees (even perhaps from neighbouring businesses) who wish to enjoy meditation in the workplace.