Meditation is the practice of consciously relaxing the body in order to allow the mind to become calm and focussed.

Many people say that they can't meditate because their minds are too busy (a good reason for these people to keep trying). It is not about stopping the mental chatter - it is about taming it!

The purpose of meditation is to recognise when the mind is getting lost in it's story and chatter and gently bring it back to a point of focus. Thus, it can teach you to take this idea into everyday life. You will become more aware of distractions in your life, dramas that you may get caught up in and return your focus to what is important and thereby, lovingly detaching from dramas.

Meditation can assist with:

  • Decreasing anxiety and stress
  • Improved health outcomes with conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, insomnia, depression, cancer and pain management*
  • Reducing the costs of medical intervention
  • Increased calm, concentration and creativity
  • Improving relationships
  • Becoming more joyful.

Meditation can be used also to assist with the treatment of addictions including tobacco, alcohol, drugs and food.

The beauty of meditation is that it can fit in with anyone's lifestyle. It is great if you can do 30 minutes per day however even 15 minutes is beneficial. Try spending one minute several times during the day to check in with your body - "how is it feeling?" and become aware of your breathing during that moment.

There are many varieties of meditation to suit most everyone. Personal consultation, an evening class and workshops with Universal Spirit allows you to learn a variety of practices including breathing, body scan and visualisation.

Pam works at integrating meditation practice with mindfulness in daily life, making classes fun, insightful and inspiring.

Feedback from Pam's lovely clients

Pam's meditation sessions are just what the doctor ordered, as simply the best for total switch off and relaxation- Lyn.
Pam is passionate and caring which truly comes through her calming and loving meditation classes. I have been attending Pam's meditation for a long time now and it always helps me in whatever situation I need at that particular moment - Francesca.
Pam's soft feminine voice takes you to a deep relaxed state, where she guides you to a safe place to transform the needs of you as an individual . . . she does this with such skill and grace, leaving you feeling whole and understood - Katherine.

*Meditation does not necessarily replace the need for medical treatment/advice for the conditions listed above, but can be used in conjunction with any treatments as recommended by your consulting doctor.