The Tarot in essence is a picture book of life stories and possibilities!

Whilst Tarot is considered to be a divination tool, ie. looking into the future and predictions, it is also very useful for gaining clarity on current or past situations and being shown options on how best to proceed from here.

The Tarot can give you guidance in love, relationships, finances, health, career, travel, moving.

Remember however, that Tarot is only a "snapshot" of your life at a given point in time. These are likely possibilities in the future and the future is still only an illusion, it doesn't exist yet. Your energy and choices help to create your future for you.

Beware of the reader who tells you that they know the name of your future lover, next Monday night's winning numbers or of the doom and gloom about to befall you. Tarot is about expanding your possibilities not limiting them. "Sorry Johnny Depp, I can't go out with you because the clairvoyant said the love of my life is called Roger"!

Pam conducts 30 min+  readings at Everything But The Kitchen Sink Café, Yattalunga - see Facebook page Pam Northcote - Universal Spirit for Tarot Tuesday bookings and dates.  Pam is also available for 1 hour individual readings. Or how about a tarot party with your friends at home? This is a fun and comfortable way to enjoy a reading in the comfort of your own home. Tarot is also something different for corporate or Christmas functions . . . interested? Contact Pam for details.

Universal Spirit is available for individual readings, email readings,  tarot parties and corporate functions.